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CE Credit - Continuing Education Credit

Some Activity Directors wish to pursue their position at a professional level.

If you do not have a degree in therapeutic recreation you may wish to become a Certified Activity Professional through the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals (NCCAP). The NCCAP certification process requires continuing education credits. To verify for NCCAP that you have completed the course, you must purchase an CE Book, which contains questions regarding your comprehension of the course's content.

CE Books can only be purchased if you have purchased a course. You cannot purchase an CE Book only in order to receive a certificate. Should you wish to receive NCCAP credit, the CE Book is an additional cost. See our site at for CE Book and course ordering information. Answers can be scored instantly and a certificate can be issued on our website. However, consider reviewing the website for certification requirements before purchasing an CE Book to assess if you are interested in pursuing the certification process.

FAQ to answer questions for NCCAP certified Activity Professionals.

If you are a Certified Recreation Therapist:
National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) - National
Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certifi cation (NCTRC) at (845) 639-1439.
accepts these 10 contact hrs =15 points because the Healthcare Training Institute is
“an agency related to therapeutic recreation” and the Course “is linked directly to
the NCTRC Job Analysis Study” of “Individualized Intervention Planning” and the
“DiagnosticGrouping” of “Cognitive Impairments.” See above regarding purchase of an CE Book from our website at

Should you wish to order an CE Book and course for NCCAP and/or NCTRC
continuing education credits go to our website at